A PLAIN MAN LOOKS AT THE CROSS by Leslie D. Weatherhead
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What do these phrases mean to the average man of today --""Christ died for our sins"", ""Christ is our Saviour"", ""The blood of Christ cleanseth us from all sin""? That they do not mean much to modern men and women is the assumption from which this book proceeds. The purpose of these studies is to make the cross of Christ mean something to the plain man of today. The author is the pastor of London's City Temple, one of the most influential spiritual leaders in modern Britain, and he has the gift of reducing eternal truths and traditional phrases to terms understandable by the average man. Let no one suppose, however, that the meaning of the cross can in this or any other volume be made clear to people unless they are willing and able to think about such things. The great truths of Christianity cannot be stated so popularly as to require of the reader no more grey matter than a perusal of the ""funnies"". Ministers will find many suggestions for Lenten and Good Friday sermons and meditations in this volume. It is also appropriate and helpful Lenten reading for thoughtful laymen.

Publisher: Abingdon-Cokesbury