SALUTE TO A SUFFERER by Leslie D. Weatherhead
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When Leslie D. Weatherhead, longtime Minister of City Temple, London, writes, there are many who will eagerly read his books. He has long been concerned with the problem of human suffering, both physical and mental, and has tried as a man of religion to bring the insights of both psychology and religion to bear on the situation. He writes of profound things in a popular and readable style, and many there be who derive great strength and comfort from him. In this small book he answers such persistent questions as ""Does God want me to be ill?"", ""Why should this happen to me?"", ""Why is there such a thing as disease?"" ""If I don't got better, is God's plan defeated?"", etc. Here any reader will find great assurance through new understanding of the mysteries of suffering. Dr. Weatherhead, as he continues his ministry of the printed word, puts us all in his debt.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1963
Publisher: Abingdon