THE KEY NEXT DOOR by Leslie D. Weatherhead


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Another book by Dr. Weatherhead, former pastor of City Temple, London, is good news for the many readers who have already enjoyed the more than 30 books he has previously written. This one is a selection of 26 of his most representative sermons preached in recent years, and each of them upholds his high reputation for vivid style, lively manner, incisive insight, and each leads to a deeper understanding of God who cares for his children in their loneliness, doubt, grief and anxiety. The titles of the sermons are intriguing, ""The Key Next Door"", ""The Case Against God"", ""No Private Harvest"", ""This Child was Different"", and the content never lets you down. Protestant ministers will be inspired by this book to do a better job of communicating the Christian Gospel themselves.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1961
Publisher: Abingdon Press