THREE DAY PASS by Leslie E. Waller


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With Manhattan Furlough, Interval in Carolina, and more recently Leave Cancelled, this is again a young love affair which has certainly less illusion than any of these, but again the immediacy and impermanence which modify these relationships running against time. This is the story of John Ryder and his girl (unnamed) whom he meets in New York, a crazy kind of a girl with a crazy kind of a life she's been running away from, her believable, unbelievable stories he mistrusts, her sloppiness when she's tight. This is how they drink their way through the Village, Harlem, midtown New York, -- how he ends up in bed with her the last night and leaves her with the idea he can't take her any longer, only finally -- when at camp and due to ship out --he realizes he loves her. This is certainly one of the greener literary offshoots of the war -- its streams of consciousness is often out of hand -- but it does reflect its generation with harsh directness.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1945
Publisher: Viking