YOUR HEART: A Handbook for Laymen by

YOUR HEART: A Handbook for Laymen

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The second in Doubleday's new Layman's Handbook Series is the most intensive and extensive discussion of heart disease and its affiliated considerations that has appeared. And over and above the tremendous amount of clinical pathology which is made available- it is distinguished by the thoughtfulness of the overall approach, the care with which present day evidence (statistics, surveys) is evaluated. Dr. Marvin, a Past President of the American Heart Association, Professor at Yale University School of Medicine, discusses all the phases of heart disease- 90% of which is rheumatic, arteriosclerotic or hypertensive; angina, congestive heart failure, the heart attack, as well as miscellaneous conditions and irregularities; various therapies- drugs- surgery- and rehabilitation. The intangibles and debatables- stress, strain, tobacco, overweight, the cholesterol count (not to be discounted) are well considered in the light of the most recent studies and findings- and a final chapter is devoted to the desirable and undesirable aspects of the doctor-patient relationship.... An excellent presentation which demands a more intelligent readership than that accustomed to the popular oversimplifications of the periodicals- or say Peter Steincrohn.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1960
Publisher: Doubleday