THIS FARM IS A MESS by Leslie McGuire


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For unexplained reasons, Farmer Wood's farm is a mess: the mule has eaten all the seed, the truck won't start, the cats are running amok in the kitchen looking for food, etc. Eventually we get the idea that Farmer Wood has been overwhelmed by ""having too much to do""--but that illumination doesn't come until he's gone off to the city for a vacation, the animals have put things aright, and then discovered that they need him after all: ""No one knew how to plant things. And no one could read directions."" So these animals who've been able to paint the barn, fix the truck, etc. (but ostensibly can't ""plant things"") call up Farmer Wood on the telephone (though, ostensibly, they can't read), and persuade him to come back: now, animals and farmer will help each other. A clumsy fabrication, without even internal logic.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Parents Magazine Press--dist. by Elsevier-Dutton