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by Leslie Meier & Lee Hollis & Barbara Ross

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-4967-3382-5
Publisher: Kensington

There are parties and then there are parties, as this trio of treats by Maine authors proves.

There’s nothing small towns love more than Halloween. In “Halloween Party Murder,” Tinker’s Cove hosts a haunted house. It’s Meier’s way of giving her series heroine, Lucy Stone, a chance to apologize to her neighbors Ty and Heather Moon for suspecting them of kidnapping her grandson. Lucy recruits the members of her Hat and Mitten Fund to populate the terrifying tableaux Ty creates in each room of his home. It’s all scary fun until the person playing drowned Ophelia fails to emerge from her bath. Hollis’ Bar Harbor offers locals a chance to go upscale, dressing up as their favorite spooks in “Death of a Halloween Party Monster.” The partygoers at the restaurant bash laugh uproariously at police chief Sergio Alvares’ fear of Pennywise until music teacher Boris Candy, who came dressed as Stephen King’s terrifying clown, turns up dead in the restaurant’s freezer, leaving chef Hayley Powell to discover his killer. Ross’ party in “Scared Off” is nothing like the other two official municipal events. Julia, whose family runs the Snowden Family Clambake in tiny Busman’s Harbor, gets a frantic call from her 13-year-old niece, Page. Page’s parents have allowed her to sleep over at Talia Davies’ house with fellow middle schooler Vanessa. The three girls invite three other friends, and the six quickly turn into 60. When high school boys with beer kegs start showing up, Page knows she has to bail but worries because no one can find the Davies’ upstairs tenant, who agreed to watch the three girls for the night. When Mrs. Zelisko finally does turn up, it’s not good.

Readers may never look at Halloween parties the same way.