REPRISE by Leslie Stephan


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More mayhem in small, folksy Hampford, Mass.--where Sergeant David Putnam (Murder R.F.D., Murder Most Distressing) investigates in his poky, persistent fashion. The cause for all the ruckus this time is flashy Orianna Soule, a relative newcomer to town who's semi-famous for writing a best-seller called OlÉ three years back. But now Orianna is desperate to publish again. So when the town council offends her by failing to applaud her dramatic contributions to the Hampford Tricentennial Pageant, Orianna decides to combine vengeance with productivity: she'll churn out a new novel by recycling all of the town's old secrets and scandals! Soon, of course, Orianna is threatened, terrorized. . .and then killed--apparently by the lethal jaws of her very own watch-dog. Or was it murder? Sgt. Putnam leans toward the latter, as usual, especially since so many townsfolk are acting so suspiciously. The assorted family-secrets in Hampford are awfully lame and creaky as murder motives. The guilty clan is obvious almost from the start. Still, though less consistently appealing than Murder Most Distressing, this unpresuming mystery/comedy may have just enough offbeat New England charm to sustain an hour or two of snoozy entertainment.

Pub Date: Dec. 19th, 1988
Publisher: St. Martin's