BEDTIMES by Leslie Thomas


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Leslie Thomas hasn't changed his spots materially since Onward Virgin Soldiers nor extended his range from sexual haplessness to neocomic variations thereof. This takes place in Plummers Park, a middle-class development 30 miles from London where the houses, people and activities are pretty much the same--it usually comes down to ""having sex"" with a neighbor. After you sort out five or six couples, the tramp Hercules who pushes a pram around and an onion seller, you'll find the primary interest is Andrew, a magistrate's court reporter working and living at less than half his capacity, and Bessie, a very young Cockney girl whom he meets in court where she's trying to keep her grandfather's name out of the papers--a magpie who's been booked for stealing a live eel. Well, Bessie and Andrew do have sex; there are some community problems (the Flasher who keeps exposing himself); but it's hardly stay-awake stuff--the saucy wriggle (better ""to end with a bang than Wimpy"") is only inches away from a squirm.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1976
Publisher: St. Martin's