ORMEROD'S LANDING by Leslie Thomas


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About four months after the retreat from Dunkirk, Detective-Sergeant George Ormerod in London becomes very deeply involved with the rape-murder of a young girl he knew (""I was livid, plain bloody angry, that this young girl's life should be snuffed out by some animal who couldn't control himself""). The rapist-killer is now a soldier, hiding in France, and coincidentally the British Army has just decided that an expendable agent should be sent into Normandy to assist a young Frenchwoman who has orders from the British to set up a series of underground Resistance centers throughout Normandy. So when Ormerod explains his vendetta to a British general, the general decides that Ormerod is the perfect expendable man to send along with the Frenchwoman and protect her. The two, who are codenamed Dodo and Dove, are unloaded by sub onto a small French island in the channel, where they become involved in their first Resistance murder--two German soldiers. Soon they are passengers to the mainland on a German ferry, and then they set off through Normandy with a little mongrel named Formidable. Dodo and Dove fall halfway in love as they set up cells and perform acts of sabotage and slowly work their way through Normandy towards Paris. . . . Leslie Thomas has a gentle, amusing way with his small-minded but persistent detective hero who must finally go home to his wife, making this a familiar but charming slice of intrigue.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1979
Publisher: St. Martin's