MONSIEUR YANKEE by Leslie Turner White


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A roistering tale of dorring-do, set in the days of the French Revolution, when espionage and counter espionage, party against party, kept the tumultuous course of revolution continually explosive. Will Tayloe, a young American doctor, was caught up in adventure beyond his expectations, all because he sought the whereabouts of his friend, Andre. Andre was wanted, too, by important forces in Paris- by the mysterious British spy, to whom Will gave hostage, all unwitting he was other than the impoverished skeleton-like Oliver Slade -- by the tiny intrepid band of aristocrats, seeking a way back- by the lovely Nino, whose role Will found hard to determine. It makes for exciting action-adventure, as Will's involvement brings him into the vortex of the struggle for power. A better sustained, more vitally integrated historical yarn than its predecessors. The second on Morrow's list.

Publisher: Morrow