TROCADERO by Leslie Waller


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The inevitable bomb threat isn't announced by the inevitable Arab terrorists till more than halfway through this bestsellery smorgasbord--one of Waller's more likably padded international fabrications. The terrorists' target is the Trocadero Tower of Paris, a moat-protected stronghold for hire, housing some of the world's most valuable items; so the book's first half introduces us, pinwheel style, to the dozen or so people who have the greatest vested interest in seeing that the TrocadÉro doesn't (or, in some cases, does) go up in smoke. Prominent among them are super-chic super-widow Netta Irish, whose late husband's collection of Rembrandts and such is stored there, and the Principessa Carloni, who keeps the essential documents for her blackmailing empire (including info on Dallas and Castro, no less) in a Trocadero safe deposit box. Everyone is linked up eventually, of course, since Netta's furiously frizzy-haired daughter is in with the terrorists, and this daughter's American boyfriend is the son of one of the Principessa's clients (a Mafioso biggie), and that Mafioso biggie is actually controlling the whole terrorist shmear through a German mercenary. At the center of it all is security agent Curtis (he's sleeping with Netta) and his paunchy police pal Louch. Needless to say, Curtis and Louch come out alive, as will readers accustomed to Waller's zippily awful writing and roundabout tactics.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1978
Publisher: Delacorte