EMBASSY by Leslie Waller


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The author of Blood and Dreams (1980), etc., takes a long look at a particularly harrowing week in the life of the US Embassy in London and manages to make even a terrorist plot sound kind of fun. Little bitty Mrs. Pandora Fulmer has wrangled the post of Ambassador to the Court of St. James for her great big husband Adolph Fulmer III, the slow-talking, straight-shooting heir to a department-store fortune. Now she wants to throw a real nice Fourth of July garden party, and without a word of warning to the stodgy old embassy staff, she sends out invitations to every last celebrity in London. When the alarm goes up at the embassy, security arrangements fall to Colonel Ned French. U.S.A. Ned's in the middle of a splendid and absorbing affair with clever Jane Well and the simultaneous disintegration of a 20-year marriage to his pistol-packing wife Laverne; but duty is duty, and with only a week's notice, Ned and his brilliant assistant Moe, a mole from Mossad, put together a security plan designed to protect the glittering guests front any attack short of a cruise missile. They face formidable odds. The party has attracted the attention of the richest, best armed, and most deeply crazed terrorists in town as well as the keen interest of the most mercenary international bandits. And it' that weren't enough, Ned has managed to earn the enmity of his oppo at the CIA! Suave without being arch, intimate rather than epic, stylish and intelligent, Embassy is very, very slick.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1987
Publisher: McGraw-Hill