THE BANKER by Leslie Waller


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book, perhaps worth its weight in wordage, bristles with big deals and twitches with sex at the upper echelon level of a New York city bank. Woods Palmer, 44, comes to UBCO (United Bank & Trust Company) as the new executive vice president. There he must handle Mac Burns, Ubco's public relations man on the outside, who plays loose and fights rough. Burns is trying to secure financing for a haky outfit and hopes to get rid of Burckhardt, the aging Ubco president, and substitute Palmer. On the other hand, there's Palmer's affair with bank P.R. girl Clary, and for some reason, hard to explain, they use Burns' pied-a-terre or the ultimate flagrante delicto. As a filler, there's a good deal about the scrimmage between commercial banks and savings banks, along with all the politics n banking and banking in politics... The literary coin of the realm is lead- and perhaps men will find the rate of interest higher. Got a friend- at Chase Manhattan?

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday