THE UNEXPLODED MAN by Leslie Watkins


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Russia's supersecret Section Seven kidnaps David Barnett, publisher of The Westminster Standard, a high-class gossip rag that specializes in members of the House of Lords. Why? Because Section Seven wants to subvert the House of Lords by exposing all the dirty deeds of its members, and, after faking David's car-explosion death, they torture him for seven months and get the goods on tots of the Lords. David escapes, tells all to Scotland Yard, finds his job taken over by an underhng, his house ""subverted"" by a new master, his wife re-married. The Yard captures the villains, David grants his wife a divorce, gives his new editor carte blanche, and goes off for a restful drinking spree in Jersey. Often grisly and depressing, but mostly uninvolving, far-fetched, and provincial-British.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow