WHY DO MEN SUFFER? by Leslie Weatherhead
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The title alone will recommend this book as every bookseller knows how universal is the appeal of such answers to the fundamental problems of mankind. Weatherhead is one of the most brilliant young Englishmen writing and preaching in the religious field today. The bars of denominationalism melt under his radiant personality. His books are always alive and vital, full of sound faith and common sense; this new one is no exception. Through a long army career and as minister of one of England's largest churches in a city famous for its industry, poverty and suffering, Mr. Weatherhead has had occasion to ponder and pray over the reason men have to undergo pain, sorrow and death. His conclusions are full of solace, sympathy and help. You will sell this book to those you least expect and to those who suffer in mind as well as body; for who doesn't ask this question at some time in his life?

Publisher: Abingdon