THE CAVE OF SPEARS by Lester del Rey


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Flinty fourteen year old Kayoda lived with his tribe of hunters in the New Stone Age, 10,000 years ago. Kayoda is as much a conformist in his own way as the Man in The Grey Flannel Suit. In his set, however, taboos and magic weigh heavily. And for Kayoda, winning a spear, the symbol of manhood, is the most important goal in life. When his tribe is forced from their valley Kayoda wanders with them hunting for food. They encounter other tribes living as communities, sustaining themselves on sea life or farming. Slowly the boy realizes that his group must also adapt and change. A book for that circle who find prehistoric life of vital interest, and as extra-curriculum reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1957
Publisher: Knopf