THE KENNEDY CIRCLE by Lester-Ed. Tanzer


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A series of profiles of the men around Kennedy, his Cabinet and staff, is given an immediacy in the editing by a staff member of Kiplinger's. In many instances these are men who have worked with Kennedy during his years in public life, like Ted Sorenson, Pierre Sallnger. Kenny O'Donnel, Larry O'Brien and, of course, his brother Bob. Beyond this intimate circle are those sought by Kennedy, who was determined as President Elect, to find the kinds of men needed for this program. Some he had never met, some were not of his party, but he flung his feelers out, consulted those who would know, and chose those who seemed the best. It would be difficult to pick for emphasis one or another of these sketches (contributed by different journalists). Each seems to have dependable objectivity, a fair critical approach, sympathetic to the intent -- and time will tell whether this extraordinary group of lawyers, scientists, politicians, specialists and generalists can be melded into a symphonic unit. The profiles pose a challenge to the President, to the man of the circle, and to the country.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1961
Publisher: (David McKay) for Robt. P. Luce