THE BROTHERHOOD OF SILENCE by Lester ok Stephen & Tanzer


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Stephen ok is a member in exile of the Slovak underground. Here, in a narrative that follows dangerous routes with the men and women who take them on the behalf of freedom, forging links with their lives as armor against the Communists and with the West, he tells the story of that underground. There is Filip Polhora, called the prince of couriers, who after many assignments wants to go West and marry, but whose sweetheart's capture rededicates him to the cause. There is Peter Dub, who sabotages the largest press in Stalin Enterprises and is blasted to death with the machine; the beautiful Olga, whose head always won over her heart as she used men for the cause; Jan Labreda and his guerillas. Father Michael, the priest who was broken by his captors and suffered, the crucifixion of loss of faith, then was rescued and reborn to his God on Easter Sunday, carries on his mission today in New York City. The experiences of these individuals whose paths crossed whether in securing secret documents, sabotaging factory production, the underground church of silence, are passionately brought to life by their United States brother and spokesman for a cause that calls for the and whose existence needs to be brought to mind.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1962
Publisher: McKay-Luce