LITTLE TURKEY by Lester Rowntree


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Absorbing six to eight year old daily life doings are closely and humorously detailed by the author of Ronnie and Ronnie and Don, which were also set in southern California. Eltee (L.T.- for Little Turkey- because that's what he looked like when he was born) is youngest in a doctor's family who came to settle in the Sierra Nevada about 1880. As Eltee grows and explores his world, we explore with him and Mr. Rowntree gets us just about as excited about. It all as Elleo is himself. He's scared off by an old man of the mountains, has trouble with his teacher at school, visits a lumber camp with his older brother and finally learns not to be so shy with people. Good descriptions and characterizations in the many episodes here.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1955
Publisher: Viking