THEY CHANGE THEIR SKIES by Letitia Preston Osborne


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An agreeable story of Cass Lpez, pension in , Honduras, where refugees, American, British, Hondurans, suffer the differences of nationality, speech and customs. From the guests and the owner, gracious Castilian Dona Elena, to the staff, their affairs are interrelated through the elements of time and place, and futures are determined and changed through circumstance. Feyi love for the first secretary of the American Legation, Ralph, is hopeless because of his love for Isabel, secretary of the legation: the Koltz', German-Jewish refugees, who have slim chance of entering the United States; Fritz Abrama despairing suicide, which gives Pepita her chance for Ralph, and the Mo their opportunity to establish a business of their own -- all this is neatly tied up. Dona Elenn smooths over the problems of the staff, finds a husband for the prickly cook Carmon. British Pomfret is blindly led into marriage by American writer, Miss Ama; Isabel, though jilted, finds the right man in Dana Elena's son. Possibly over-manipulated, but with the appreciative picture of life, the assembly of distinctive characters, it is pleasant without being reading.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1945
ISBN: 1150793910
Publisher: Lippincott