GETTING YOURS: How to Make the System Work for the Working Woman by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

GETTING YOURS: How to Make the System Work for the Working Woman

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Once the Queen Bee (wife of a lawyer; mother of three; manager of three publishing book de. partments; author of that hypermanic -- excuse it -- hyperwomanic How to Make It in a Man's World), Mrs. Pogrebin demoted herself via liberation (even if she's not idle -- working, editing for Ms., doing a LHJ column, lecturing). Also known as ""supergirl"" and -- nostalgically? -- ""the blonde bombshell,"" she's not letting down her own hair here as much as assessing the system. Be she only a housewife, her Everywoman's multiphasic jobs should bring in $24,060 per annum. But she should be prepared to split her roles as well as his money right down the middle. If she wants to get a job, she will probably be more gratified and should dispel those residual guilts -- it will make her children more self-sufficient. Cicerone Pogrebin combines reports from all over (""Work in America,"" for instance) with first-person experiences and includes practical aspects of employment agencies (""Gd. jbs. Hi pa."" What's that again?) with revising working schedules and options, to legal rights vs. discriminatory wrongs, to the pay check, to success -- on her terms. A good deal of this self-actualizing advice has become self-evident by now but there's lots of supplementary material -- when, where, how, organizations, educations, loans, etc. -- to firm up the facts behind her own experienced drive and sophisticated awareness of every nuance which puts and keeps women down.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1975
Publisher: McKay