THE DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER: Unknown Documents from Soviet Archives by Lev Bezymenski

THE DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER: Unknown Documents from Soviet Archives

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The news story which has just broken in conjunction with the publication of this book has featured its primary revelations. Whereas Bezymenski contends that Shirer and Trevor-Roper say that Hitler's ""bones"" were never found (Trevor-Roper has just given a rebuttal), one Russian Private Churakov did turn up the boares of Hitler and Eva Braun which were later subjected to an extensive autopsy under the Soviet Forensic Commission. They had committed suicide and their months contained, along with the teeth and bridgework validated by Hitler's dental laboratory technician, splinters of glass from the ampoule of cyanide. Much of this short book is also directed to discrediting the big lie that Hitler died a ""hero's death with a gun"" although one source claims he said ""If you think I will leave Berlin! I'd rather put a bullet in my head!"" The smell of bitter almonds is all-pervasive and there is a sad section on Frau Goebbel's disposition of her six children with the help of Hitler's first and second physicians. Along with the bloodless depositions and testimony, an inset of grim photographs, and some reservations . . . . Lev Bezymenski, a member of Marshal Zhukov's staff, and a journalist, sometimes calls up less creditable sources is Berin E. Gun's unnamed book on Eva Braun (cf. p. 861) ""indirect yet important"" testimony? There are also some cloudy remarks on why none of this material has been previously released and one cannot help but wonder why it is now available ""with the knowledge of the Soviet authorities"" for publication in England, France, Germany and Italy as well as here.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1968
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World