THE TYRANNY OF SCHOOLING by Lewis Anthony Dexter


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Professor Dexter (he has taught and acted as a ""research director"" for two Massachusetts governors) has conducted ""An Inquiry into the Problem of `Stupidity'"" in a protest against the emphasis on excellence and against a system of compulsory schooling for those who are fit for a competent; productive life outside the classroom. The fear of stupidity, and the stigma attached to it, has crippling effects; there is no real program for the mental retardate who may be very efficient in other areas; the concept of education for everybody is not only wasteful but leads to mediocre curricula taught by medicare teachers for mediocre students (particularly in the junior and community colleges). The argument is valid even if it does not extend to book length; and since it has been designed to ""raise"" not ""answer"" questions, it is of only doubtful value as remedial reading.

Publisher: Basic Books