WINSTON CHURCHILL: The Years of Achievement by Lewis Broad

WINSTON CHURCHILL: The Years of Achievement

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Like its predecessor, this second volume in Lewis Broad's biography of Churchill. preceded by The Years of Preparation, is a roof-raising Tory tribute from start to finish. But this is as it should be, for surely the Grand Old Man of Downing Street is the one really larger-than-life-size statesman of the modern age. Presenting more a public than a personal portrait, the book nevertheless captures the never-say-die temperament of the man, from Dunkirk to D-Day, which so stirred the British masses and gave them their ""finest hour"". Churchill was a leader: they knew it, he knew it. Scrupulously annotated, sometimes strikingly narrated, the events described include little-known short-lived ones (the proposal for an Anglo-French superstate prior to the Paris fall; Roosevelt and Churchill exchanging inspirational verses), along with the headline-makers: the famed Conferences (Cairo, Casablanca, Potsdam), the Atlantic Charter, the Second Front controversy, the Stalinist machinations at Yalta, the magisterial speeches in Parliament where Churchill defended his war strategy, the ""Iron Curtain"" speech at Fulton, the return to power in the '50's, the Suez crisis etc., etc. Famous names, references to memoirs, and lots of ""inside stuff"", fill out a thoroughly spirited account.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1963
Publisher: Hawthorn