SEE WHAT I MEAN? The Congessions of Clem Smullet by Lewis Browne

SEE WHAT I MEAN? The Congessions of Clem Smullet

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This has been done and twice done -- or even if it hasn't, it is something of an old chestnut, this story of an un-American movement in California through the diary of a heel, one Clem Smullet. A former publicist, blacklisted in Hollywood, Clem joins the Crusade which is headed by John Christian Power, fanatical prophet of hate who first directs his crusade against the Jews, then expands it to include the whole Hitler line of scapegoats. Power grabs the glory, Gribble and Clem are more interested in the money, until Clem, vaguely conscience ridden, pulls out and comes back later to find the movement even more lucrative under a Nazi sponsor. There's a rowdy windup as Power is exposed by his sister as half-Jew, and goes insane, while an FBI roundup after Pearl Harbor gets the others. Fact into fiction -- American Firsters, Social Justice et al fictionized in a ""let's make it happen here"" yarn.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1943
Publisher: Random House