ZANZABUKU by Lewis Cotlow


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An expansive reminiscence garnered from three trips to Africa in three successive decades (1937, 1946, 1954) comes from a peripatetic gent who also brought back the word on Headhunting in the Amazon (1952). Mr. Cotlow experiences Africa as a time machine that can take the traveller back along the world's lifeline and allow him to debark at will. His own adventures extend from enjoying the hospitality of the pygmies in the Ituri forest, living the daily round of a 20,000-year-old civilization, to the undesirable attentions of Mau Mau terrorists while visiting an animal farm in Kenya. His main interests carry him away from political unrest into the kingdom of the beasts. Here he encounters the gorillas in the Eastern Congo in a warlike episode; jounces across the Serengeti Plains enjoying the vista of lions; even has a good word to say for a crocodile, one particular Lutembe, who came when she was summoned to a feast of fish. The Watussi, Mangbetu and Masai are among the tribes he came to know. The coverage is similar to other African treks with a familiar relish for anecdote, distinguishable by an extensive browsing range and entirely accommodating.

Publisher: Rinehart