W. BILLY GRAHAM and Seven Who Were Saved by Lewis Gillenson

W. BILLY GRAHAM and Seven Who Were Saved

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Tub thumper and Bible slapper Billy Graham (closest to the ""homiletic calisthenics"" of Billy Sunday) is too well known to warrant much discussion here and there's a brief bio prefacing some seven of his conversions: roughneck Jimmy Karam, formerly Governor Faubus' aide de camp; socialite Eleanor Whitney, formerly the wife of Sonny (Cornelius Vanderbilt) Whitney; Jim Vaus, who worked for the police and moonlighted for mobster Mickey Cohen; golf pro Johnny Spence, a slow suicide, thirty-five years on liquor; cowboy Crooner Hamblen; an artist, an executive.... Down from the pulpit, up from the pulps, but no further than the level of the magazine confessional.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1967
Publisher: Trident