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OFF MY SEA CHEST by Lewis H. Conarroe



Pub Date: May 15th, 1947
Publisher: Holt

The literary liquidation of the ineptitudes, resentments, accumulated during a wartime and not too glorious naval career, this blows off steam- brightly- on sundry aspects of Navy life. Conarroe wanted a chance at action and spent most of his time as a J.G. signal officer on a convoy duty cruiser, and eventually turned up ignominiously in the Potonao. During the time he stacked up a fair amount of grievances on the forms, polite and otherwise, social functions, seniority, promotion politics, knife throwing, gold lace, Administrative Washington, R.H.I.P. (rank has its privileges), and various variations on the theme of nafu which ended as he was completely fouled up in the process of being separated... Entertaining, particularly for similar victims.