SECOND WIFE by Lewis Meyer


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John Long is a book salesman; Ann, the wife he has loved for ten years, still broods over her predecessor, Madge, a lubricious, insatiable type. In his own words- he married her because he was ""not only far behind in his sex life; he hadn't ever really got started good"". Once started good, it ends badly; he's exhausted. To dispel Madge's persistent image, Ann writes a book about a man with two wives and sells it to another publisher. It wins a prize and brings in $140,000. But this ends worse. John loses his job -- for having failed to spot it for his publisher; he drinks alone, while Ann is off on a cross-country autographing tour which eventually brings her face to face with Madge. The moral, in a book without too many, seems to be- do not write a book. Or, if you do, do not invite disaster with a terminal apostrophe on the last page: ""Do you, dear reader, ever feel 'had' when the type suddenly stops and only white space remains?"" Dear reader might answer.

Pub Date: Aug. 8th, 1963
Publisher: Prentice-Hall