MEN MUST ACT by Lewis Mumford
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Mumford appoints himself a modern Cato, with ""Carthage Must Be Destroyed"" translated into ""Men Must Act"". Here is his program for the defense of democracy against the triumvirate of fascism, -- Germany, Italy and Japan. He builds his case -- then poses his program of defense. ""We must put aside our childish credulity about the possibility of civilizing the fascists: the policy of appeasement makes the lion stronger: it does not remove his teeth or lesson his ferocity."" He accuses England and France of betrayal and duplicity, and puts it up to us. He warns us that we cannot secure peace on agreeable terms. He insists upon preparedness -- to meet the enemy within our gates, but primarily, his is a doctrine of non-intercourse, carried to its ultimate boundaries:- withdrawal of nationals, liquidation of investments, placing embargo on trade, withholding passport privileges, refusing entry to fascist vessels, deporting fascist subjects, withdrawing citizenship from citizens who accept dual allegiance. He recognizes the burden this would place on many -- but thinks it essential, and endorses the plan of government aid. And he demands the lowering of immigration bars, the distribution of exiles intelligently over the country -- and presents a fairly cogent argument in favor of this action not resulting in increase in unemployment. A brief book, but every word has weight -- and Mumford has built for himself an extensive audience of thoughtful readers. Sell to the Armstrong audience as well.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace