IN THE NAME OF SANITY by Lewis Mumford


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In the name of sanity, Mr. Mumford rightly implores us to come to our senses in a time of irrational violence and make use of the techniques of creativity and humanism for a national security that rests too often on the power of disintegrating forces- before it is too late. As big, explosive and as healthy as his ideas are (""impractical"", ""far-fetched"" many will call them) the tragedy is that people will continue to pay more attention to less important things- war and the atom bomb rather than, as Mr. Mumford suggests, the things that unite men. What these are, he relates in plain, simple terms and illustrates a plan of action beginning with conversation at the lowest level. This- it could be accomplished by a world equalization fund- he backgrounds with a careful look at the thought patterns of the last century. The elements within them- the machine age, increased scientific knowledge and the cultural lag- helped to bring on the present dilemma that exhibits itself as a fearful disunity, the fear bringing defense and retaliation rather than a search for common ground. Scholarly and studied, his analyses lend themselves to his plan- for a year's armistice, a lifting of military security, a sincere attempt to show that no one ideology can halt extermination, and to go more than half way by destroying our bombs in the face of Russian aggression. Strong words from a strong minded man, these will invite heated discussion.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1954
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace