GREAT ROUNDUP by Lewis Nordyke


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A chronological rundown of The Story of Texas and Southwestern Cowmen begins with the first group meeting in 1877 at Graham and follows the activities and work of the various organizations which finally merged into today's Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers' Association, with a membership of ten thousand stockmen in all the range states. How they coped with the immediate problems -- rustling, making up a brand book, dividing into districts, barbed wire, breed improvement -- and how concerted efforts faced storm and drought, worked for a national trail, the question of homesteading, and how, as organization grew, ranchers took issue with Chicago, the packers and the railroads. There was Texas fever to confront them and the importance of education in stock dipping; further movements against trusts and combines; Border raiding and modern methods of rustling:- and the tighter set-up of the ""boom and bust"" business proved its worth. Almost a yearly tally of events along the long trail, this recalls many of the cattle aristocracy and their efforts for united action. A worthwhile appendix to range history.

Publisher: Morrow