ONE CHURCH: Catholic and Reformed by Lewis S. Mudge

ONE CHURCH: Catholic and Reformed

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Within a very few years the whole course of the Ecumenical Movement has changed dramatically, and Amherst's Chaplain was right there at the heart of the change as he served the World Presbyterian Alliance as Secretary of the Department of Theology. There in Geneva he saw the preparations for the World Council Meeting in New Delhi, and the preparations for receiving the Orthodox Churches as members. Beyond the Alps, the Holy Roman Church was girding for the Second Vatican Council. Churches were merging in mission fields and in the lands that had sent missionaries forth. Out of all this came many new insights into the theological, practical, liturgical and ethical problems and opportunities brought into being by this great forward step. Dr. Mudge sees the way toward consolidating the gains and enlarging the areas of further action in a Biblical renewal that is also well informed by history. His treatment of the Conciliar Movement, and his emphasis on the Church that is yet to be, open fruitful lines of thought. This book has been written for any adult Christian who has a concern for the divided Church. Fortunately, its price and format make wide distribution possible. No parish library should be without it and all church leaders who must face the impact of a uniting church on their local parish should benefit by the head start in thinking that this book provides. Dr. James I. McCord, who heads Princeton Theological Seminary, has given the book a solid introduction.

Publisher: Westminster