FABULOUS YESTERDAY by Lewis W. Ed Gillenson


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Anniversary Album is composed of articles from a quarter of a century, together with 150 illustrations (drawings, photographs, cartoons) and presents a kaleidoscope of the years. There are pieces on wine, smoking, conversation, words; there are biographical and critical selections; there are war episodes and possibilities for the future; there are sections on medicine, music, nature, teaching, politics, science, international affairs; divorce, abortion, juvenile delinquency, sexual conduct, censorship, faith, holidays, foreigners and the Negro, teaching, and much more, are in the picture. Frank Lloyd Wright, Gershwin, Huey Long, La Guardia, Pasternak, Sinclair Lewis, Garbo, Castro, Schweitzer, Spock, Tasc, James Dean, Bertrand Russell are some of the figures that are considered in the period, and Wodehouse, Farrell, Uris, Steinbeek, Bemelmans, Wylie are but a few of the many authors included. Fascinating in its reflections of the attitudes of the times, in its look at people, ideas, events, -- this is a lively assembly of social history notes for the interested and the curious. It should have its place as a good gift item too.

Publisher: Harper