THE VALLEY OF EXILE by L.F. Loveday Prior
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Here is a novel created out of a basic condition that has thrown Europe into turmoil, the question of minorities, of forced changes of nationality. The section formerly known as the Austrian Tyrol is the setting; the peasants, clinging to the German ways and German speech, the Count, accepting Italian suzerainty in order to stand by his people, his wife, unhappy in her loveless marriage and urging recognition of her daughter's engagement to an Italian, the son, bitter and arrogant and resentful at his parent's bowing to the yolk. That is the set-up for a story that is gripping in its interplay of incident and character and situation. In time, it carries through the Austrian Anschluss, which leaves the Tyrol still Italian, but which successfully separates two pairs of lovers. A dramatic and poignant story, symbolic of Europe today.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1940
Publisher: Harrison Hilton