WILD CALENDAR by Libbie Block


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A faculty for identifying the commonplace, the recognizable in people, places, decades, for this fully developed story of a girl from Denver, her not too fortunate emotional experiences. Seventeen, awkward and adolescent, Maud is married off to her rich cousin Smith Ohlrig, from New York, Smith who is forty odd, bland, and babied by his brother. After five years she has the baby she wants, tries to leave Smith who follows her back to Denver where Maud, resentful of the marriage and the husband, torments him. She tries to have an affair with the man she would have preferred -- but frightens him off by her intensity. Piqued, she takes it out on Smith who finally gives her a divorce -- and she meets Sonny, up from nothing, who gives her the youth she'd missed. Stronghanding her new marriage, she almost loses Sonny -- who enlists -- but she stops in time. A convincing, credible job, not always appealing, but a story of a woman for women.

Publisher: Knopf