THE SCHOLAR FIGHTER: The Story of Saadia Gaon by Libby M. Klaperman

THE SCHOLAR FIGHTER: The Story of Saadia Gaon

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The great Jewish Rabbi Saadia was both a scholar and a fighter. A faction of the Jewish community in the year 915 was dominated by the Karaites, whose ideology Saadia opposed. His daring individuality distinguished him from the beginning. Whether opposing the injustices of islam or a dishonest idea, he fought to the bitter end, sometimes sacrificing friendships in the process. Eventually he was invited to head the great academy of Sura in the exalted position of Gaon. He accepted gratefully, but again his path was stormy leading to excommunication. Only when the opposition admitted the error of its ways was Saadia re-instated. Religious schools may find this biography a useful addition to their libraries despite the stilted manner in which it is written. Not for the general public.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy