GENERAL PERSHING, STRONG MAN by Lila Gravatt Scrimsher


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Although the author's research is evident throughout, this was patently written for the ""juvenile market."" Dialogue is supplied throughout and shows up for what it is next to the excerpts from the official record and letters. There is no attempt at assessment of Pershing's role as a candidate for biography at any level -- as the title indicates, this is in the mainstream of hero figure biographies for children. His early years make up the first half of a 162 page book, but his last 30 are taken care of in 3 pages -- even though his power behind the political scenes in Army affairs in Washington was a notable part of his career. The WWI years, with Pershing at his peak, get 44 pages and seek to explain the very complicated diplomatic/military maneuverings his authority in France demanded. The author is prone to those questionable forms of energizing historical incident with physical reactions in cliche -- i.e. ""his eyes bored like gimlets"" or ""the General's eyes glinted like steel,"" etc. The selected bibliography is a mixed bag of adult and juvenile titles-unannotated. More than half the list is a working bibliography with copyright dates prior to 1940 and reaching back to the 1890's. There is a chronology of Pershing's life. Pershing still awaits a juvenile biography which will be more than just adequate to relaxed standards for juvenile information.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1965
Publisher: Golden Gate