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Pub Date: March 1st, 1947
Publisher: Viking

A handbook for writers -- specifically for writers of books for children (children at the read to themselves level, and up-not the picture book age). Actually, there's very little of their excellent advice that wouldn't apply to most writers at one point or another. This well-known writing team has proved they know their stuff, whether writing for younger readers or for their adults. They share here the wholesome fruit of their experience, and do it in such readable form that one spins along easily, and only now and again come up against the fact that a great deal of sound and practical and workable information has been sorted, analyzed and presented for the serious aspirant to success in this particular field. What to write- how to go about it is elaborated upon in this text. The values which should be part of the mental equipment of every writer of juveniles give this book further potential market:- reviewers, teachers, parents and librarians in children's rooms would all find that their own tests of values are given a thorough airing. There's a light touch-enough of humor- plenty of practical examples. The one lack (and perhaps this would have relegated the book to the text book shelves) is in the line of suggestions for drill and self-testing. And I'd have liked a bit more of the anecdotal- this happened to us- aspect.