THE ECHO by Lilla Van Saher


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A fairly chichi casebook of psychoanalysis which is not so much psychologically unsound as fictionally unsuitable- and presents- in some detail- the therapeutic progression of Louise de Faivres. Unsettled, unstable, Louise secures a divorce from a husband she had never loved (in the flesh), goes to Holland where she takes up treatment under Karel Huizen, Here she first realizes the hostility to her mother, the attachment to her father which has colored her contemporary relationships. Staying with Michele, her oldest friend, she repeats this pattern in her attraction to Michele's husband. To offset this, she becomes engaged to stolid, wealthy Adriaan, who again is wrong for her, and at the close falls in love with dashing Hendrik, returns to normalcy as she joins him in fighting the Nazis... It all seems somewhat spurious.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1947
Publisher: Dutton