THE SPUDDY by Lillian Beckwith


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A small story which plays on your heartstrings without twanging them and uses the native Glasgow laconic speech to subdue the obvious about a stray mongrel, the Spuddy (the moniker implies he's smart), and a mute child, a ""proper little gaper,"" who befriends him days, steals out nights to feed him down by the pier. The boy, Andy, is also part stray--his mother abandoned him, his father is off at sea. And as the weather closes in on them, Andy is forced to accept the offer of a sea captain Jake to take the dog aboard his ship as mascot where he proves to be worth two of the crew, spotting catches of herring, fending off the gulls and finally trying to prevent the tragedy ahead with its dignified, heroic envoi. A very different story, truly, and a certainty for anyone of any age who ever gave houseroom to a boy and a dog.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Delacorte