ONE HEART, ONE WAY by Lillian Budd


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Not since Hollywood used to hire highschool dropouts to write those musicals set on college campuses where even the Deans tap danced, has there been a more unrealistic picture of university life. Candy Howell spends 4 years at ""East University"" and majors in sorority. She is never shown in class, at a book or in the library. Mrs. Budd, in her anxiety to provide a fictional defense of the sorority system, has produced a picture of sorority life that could stand as its indictment. ""Sigma Omega"" is depicted as a hotbed of all the virtues, but the sisters seem too busy for anything else, what with the heavy schedule of float building, entertainments and candlelight ceremonies. (Enough of the last to predicate incipient pyromania.) Once, Candy almost quit. With her best interests at heart, her true sisters voted away her dating time with the Big Man On Campus because her grades were slipping. She talked herself out of it while contemplating the sorority pin on a devoted, middle-aged member who had dropped in for dinner --"" she stared the pin left its place on the bosom of the dress and became a crown suspended over the head of its owner."" An even better trick is the author's attempt to squeeze in two romances, graduation, and Candy's candlelight marriage to her high school sweet-heart. Wholesome as a Girl Scout cookie and as real as a mirage.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1964
Publisher: McKay