LARRY by Lillian Budd


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This is a very simple story set in Appalachia dealing with the enduring theme of a small boy crossing over the set boundaries to become a big boy. Larry's older brothers slept in the hayloft, Larry slept in the house. One night he discovered that his favorite brother was about to get married and Larry insulted the girl. He was so hurt over the thought of losing his favorite brother to marriage that he decided to leave home during the night. An older sister rescued him and the following evening, without prompting, Larry apologized. He was rewarded with a spot to hit the hay in the barn. The illustrations are of the piney mountain, hillbilly variety. While overalls are still worn there and sometimes high shoes and long dresses, the sleeve garters indicate an earlier time, although the story itself is timeless. Very low keyed lesson in living for the youngest in this age group.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1966
Publisher: McKay