THE HEIR OF DOUGLAS by Lillian de la Torre
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A tenacious, vivacious reconstruction of an historical 18th century imponderable which aroused a furor of debate in its day, and for the future left its wake of doubt and denial. For this is the story of Lady Jane Douglas, her marriage- in middle age- to the opportunist Colonel Steuart, and her brace of boy babies- Sholto who died, and Archie who was to be the contender for the title and the estate of the wealthy Duke of Douglas, Lady Jane's brother. Living out her last days in poverty and in the disbelief of the Duke that the boys were indeed hers, Lady Jane was to die in miserable circumstances and the decease of the Duke was followed by long years of investigation and litigation. And as the parents of first Sholto, then Archie, are discovered on the continent by the assiduous Andrew Stuart, on behalf of the opposition, the case is brought to court for trial and retrial, fires its hot controversy and leaves its verdict for a new interpretation here.... A Scotch thistle, which has needled the imagination and the intelligence of many, exhaustively and excitingly pictured here for her audience (Elizabeth Is Missing) which is also that of William Roughead, Edmund Pearson, etc.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1952
Publisher: Knopf