THE ROYAL BIRDS by Lillian Grace Paga


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The amazing and beautiful world of the swan is opened to the reader in this graceful text with accompanying illustrations by the author. Lillian Grace Paga introduces the swan, of which little is known, its ten species with description of their characteristics and way of life. The Mute which adorns England, the great Whooper known as Cygnus-cygnus-cygnus, the smaller Bewick's and the wild Jankowski which lives beyond the Iron Curtain, the Immutable, whose babies are born as dazzlingly white-feathered as their parents, are all European varieties. North America knows the paleoarctic Whistler and, less successful at surviving, now protected, the great Trumpeter. The Black-neck of South America and Coscoroba, the swan-goose of the Argentine, and the Black of Australia complete the world family. The care and keeping of swans (at Abbotsbury, the same family has kept the flock for 500 years--and Pavlova visited to observe for her art); their feeding, mating, nesting and family habits; their enemies; the myths and legends woven about them are all touched upon, in an unusual little book.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1963
Publisher: St. Martin's Press