NO, NO, SAMMY CROW by Lillian Hoban


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To rev up the familiar topic of a child who's almost ready for school but won't give up his blanket, Hobart first of all makes Sammy a crow. She gives him an older sister Sheila who teases him about ""nice-ing"" his blanket, and she gives them both a little adventure when Mrs. Crow goes off for tea with Mrs. Robin, leaving Sheila to egg-sit and keep an eye on Sammy. (The human family pattern is convenient for the story, but it makes the crow casting seem all the more arbitrary.) Poor Sheila, stationed on the egg, is faced with a dilemma when Sammy is crow-napped and needs help--but Hoban makes a silly performance of this with Sheila's ""Oh, yaawwk! Ma told me not to let the egg get cold, so this crow won't go!. . . Oh, aawk aawk aawk. Ma told me to keep an eye on Sammy, and now the Crow-Getters have got him, so this crow's got to go!"" The crow-getters turn out to be the Robin boys, who want Sammy's blanket because their mother has taken theirs away. Between them Sheila and Sammy punch out and tie up the robins and return in time for Sammy to wrap his blanket around the ""shivering"" (actually hatching) egg. The story ends in a neat solution for Sammy's habit, but the whole contrivance seems forced and overelaborate. Still, too much yaawking may be preferable to the pallid too little we get in most treatments of the problem.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1981
Publisher: Greenwillow