THE LAZIEST ROBOT IN ZONE ONE by Lillian & Phoebe Hoban Hoban


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Lazy because he hasn't done his homework or weeded the garden, little Sol-1 of last year's Ready. . . Set. . . Robot! has also lost his dog Big Rover. He and little sister Sola must find the dog by Down Time; and to make the search less like work, Sol-1 decides to enlist his friends in a ""search party."" But they too have homework to do and gardens to weed, and Sol-1 ends up helping them so they'll be free to search. It's in helping friends Arla and Fax retrieve their car Power Pus from atop a metal windmill that Sol-1 also finds Big Rover. Now his friends will weed his garden while he does his homework--and Mama-Sol, told of his deeds, says with a hug, ""It is nice when robots work together."" That the characters are robots and the scene outer space has no intrinsic bearing on the mundane plot. On the other hand, you never forget these conditions, what with Lillian Hoban's amorphous violet-hued backgrounds, Sol-l's controls humming and his lights flashing when he arrives et an idea, and so on. Kids attuned to zappy space wars will find this pretty tame; for beginning readers the borrowed space-age glamour might suffice.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1983
Publisher: Harper & Row