THE CITY OF THE GODS: A Study in Myth and Mortality by

THE CITY OF THE GODS: A Study in Myth and Mortality

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Taking the ""Epic of Gilgamesh,"" the Tale of one of the Kings of Erech, as his type, the author undertakes a study of the way the myths of various civilizations and cultures have understood the problem of human death, and the solutions they have offered for it. The myths of today are the experience of yesterday, he believes, and our basic attitudes and experiences of death today will become myths tomorrow. The chapters deal with: The King of Erech: The Kingdom of Two Lands; Kings, Council, Assembly; Homeland and Wonderland, Eternal Cities; Savior Kings; The City of God; The King Never Dies; The King is Dead; The City of the Gods. Cryptic as these headings are, they will suggest both the sweep and the orientation of the author's study. He acknowledges his indebtedness to the Existentialists, especially Heidegger. The work is scholarly and clearly written. Parts of it draw upon research done under a Rockefeller grant in 1960. A more explicit definition of what the author means by ""myth"" would help clarify his approach to the subject.

Publisher: Macmillan