THE GRIST MILL SECRET by Lillie V. Albrecht


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About the time the first Minute Men were organized, Squire Copley moved his family to the country where he maintained an arsenal in his grist mill. Young Tabitha Copley found the adjustment to country living difficult until she met the Hillcrofts -- Alice and Jack. Until the outbreak of war, their days are filled with the typical pleasures and problems of those times -- quilting bees, Christmas parties, weddings- as well as farm chores. Once the Redcoats and Minute Men clash, the Hillcrofts who support King George are forced to flee. Though the Copleys' allegiance comes into question by certain people, Squire Copley soon disposes of gossip by setting up a second arsenal and leaving his son Dan in charge of the grist mill. The real spy who is apprehended is not Jack Hillcroft as Tabitha sorrowfully suspects, but Seth Perkins, an avid ""patriot"". More a portrait of the temper of the times and the way of life in rural New England than a mystery as the title may imply, this reveals an unusual spirit of friendship that prevails even in the face of divergent political feelings. Good supplementary reading for fifth and sixth graders studying this era.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Hastings House